Finding the right genetics is hard.
But it doesn't have to be.

Too Many Sale Catalogs

It's really hard to find sale cattle that match the specific genetic traits you are looking for.

Too Many Genetic Traits to Consider

The number of traits used to describe sale cattle has become overwhelming.

It's Difficult to Compare Cattle from Different Breeders

There's just not a good way to compare the cattle you like from different breeders in different catalogs.

Not Enough Time

The world spins faster than it used to. There is barely enough time to manage your business let alone spending time finding the right genetics for your program's future.

How can we help?

We make it easy for you to search and filter cattle by EPDs and genetic traits, across multiple sales, so that you can feel confident you've found the best genetics available .

How Does it Work?

It's very simple. Register for a free account, then use our state of the art cattle search engine to filter, find, and connect with the owners of the cattle you are interested in.

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