Lower marketing costs and better data.
It's about time.

Current Marketing Channels are Overpriced

Prices go up, but the same old marketing methods and channels remain unchanged. Some would say antiquated.

Shotgun Approach No Longer Works

Stop wasting your time and money. Focus on your target audience and improve your margins.

New Customers Need to be Reached

We live in a digital world. Modern techniques need to be used to reach those customers that are outside of traditional channels.

Everything Should be Measured

Do you really know why you had a successful year or sale? Is gut feel enough? Did your marketing spend achieve it's potential?

How can we help?

filter_1 We present your cattle in a simple, clean user interface, and make it easy for buyers to sort and filter.

If nothing else, we are the best cattle browsing experience on the web. We use modern technologies to provide a fast, easy to use, mobile friendly cattle search engine.

filter_2 We help you understand what the market is searching for and provide insights by region and/or breeding objective.

Know the EPDs and genetic traits buyers are searching for. Do you see any trends? Are your cattle more marketable in a certain area of the country or world?

filter_3 We give you options on how you would like your cattle presented.

Individual Listing. This option gives you a clean and branded page that ONLY displays your cattle. Buyers can search and filter your cattle to quickly find what they are looking for.
Global Listing. This option gives you the Individual Listing functionality AND it provides you with the opportunity to have your cattle displayed in the global search page, where they can be compared against other breeders' cattle.
Group Listing. This option gives you the Individual Listing functionality AND it provides you the ability to have your cattle displayed within a group of breeders that have agreed to work together.